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stainless steel pipe making machine

Name:Stainless Steel Tube Mill for Furniture Pipes Manufacturer

ITEM:Tube Mill For ASTM 554 Tubes


Stainless Steel Pipe Production Line

Quality · Efficiency · Energy

Passed the IS09001:2000 international standard certification


 Pre serivce:we will serve you from inquiry to products shipped out. During the process, you just need to discuss with us for all problems and the way saves much time.
After serivce:Industry's first Supply two year warranty for the machine, if the component is broken (not belong to man-made damage) we will repair for you. 


Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine for Square Tube Mill
Machine maodelTube-making range(mm)Driving MotorPipe range(mm)Installation capacity

Pipe outsize 

diameter tolerance

pipe speed


Main motor 


A small 40Φ5-Φ31.84kw0.18-0.815kw±0.05-±0.15-257.1X1.08
Criteria 40Φ9.5-Φ50.85.5kw0.23-1.516.5kw±0.05-±0.155-257.6X1.15
B large 40Φ15.9-Φ63.57.5kw0.30-1.818.5kw±0.05-±0.25-207.8X1.15
Criteria 50Φ19.1-Φ76.211kw0.35-2.525kw±0.05-±0.253-159X1.2
Criteria 60Φ31.8-Φ11415kw0.55-3.029kw±0.1-±0.33-1511X15
Criteria 70Φ50.8-Φ16822kw0.75-4.037kw±0.15-±0.31-1012.9X2.1
Criteria 80Φ114-Φ21925kw1.0-4.545kw±0.2-±0.40.5-514X2.3 



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