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now_place:News > company news > HUAWEI development low-end customer market, my pipe making machine development high-end market
HUAWEI development low-end customer market, my pipe making machine development high-end market
release time:2018-02-26

Two days ago had shown on WeChat that HUAWEI is going to develop the low-end customer market to meet the needs of the low-end customers. As a pipe making plant manufacturer, I'm on the contrary. In the new year, I want to develop the high-end market.

Why do I want to develop the high-end market for welded pipe machinery?

First of all, this is our company's market goal. We target our high-end customers to our market development goals, because they are more concerned about product quality and higher performance requirements.

Secondly, this is the need for our company's product development. In the past, we have been competing with our competitors, ignoring the product quality advantage, or we didn't pay enough attention on that. In the future, we need to change this attitude.

Finally, it is the trend of social development. In the future, people's living standards and demands are constantly improving. The demand for low-end products is decreasing, which has reached a more high-end spiritual civilization enjoyment. This is also the reason why we develop high-end market.

The high-end market in the future of mechanical equipment of stainless steel pipe, a very broad prospect, but this does not mean that we only develop high-end market, at the same time we also have to meet the low-end market and middle-end customer choice, because customers  are not high and low points, as long as you need, we will meet your needs.

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