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now_place:News > company news > Unexpectedly, the future of the metal pipe unit mold factory is like this, workers have gone? Really do not imagine
Unexpectedly, the future of the metal pipe unit mold factory is like this, workers have gone? Really do not imagine
release time:2018-02-26

At present, there are several words that are popular: artificial intelligence AI technology, quantum technology, big data, cloud computing, industry 4.0 and so on. Through these words, can you imagine what your factory looks like in the future? I conceived that if all these elements were used together, in the future my factory would look like this.

Our factory is specialized in the production and processing of metal welded pipe machine and welded pipe dies. So our factory needs to purchase material, process, produce, assemble and sell. After using the above technology, my factory is like this.

When you enter the factory gate, the quantum computer starts to identify your identity. After that, the industrial 4.0 automation equipment wears the safety protector for you, the computer explains the matters needing attention for you.

When you go into the workshop, each step is automated, the ground guide line is automatically presented, allowing you to follow the indicator arrow to visit.

When you enter the warehouse and the warehouse is in urgent need, artificial intelligence AI technology combines big data with cloud computing to get the best quality suppliers' quotations and complete transactions on each others intelligent system.

When you walk into the machining center, all of them are products of industrial 4.0. You can't see any workers, all of them are intelligent mechanical arms. They are very skilled and accurate.

In the design center, a group of robots are integrating the global big data through cloud computing, getting the best plan of equipment processing and manufacturing, and drawing accurate drawings on the quantum computer. The quantum computer transfers data to each component for accurate processing.

After the production and processing of the product, the intelligent robot inspected the product, and settled through the single, delivery, and customer through the quantum computer.

In the end, you'll find that there are only one people in the whole factory. That's me - the boss, and I'm still drinking tea in a leisurely way. Can you imagine this scene?

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