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now_place:News > company news > Countryside -- the mainstream market of future stainless steel
Countryside -- the mainstream market of future stainless steel
release time:2018-02-22

Now more and more stainless steel tube enterprises put their hopes in the national macro-control, before the real estate market has driven a large part of stainless steel tube enterprise development, but the excessive expansion of real estate market and not to bring too much hope on the stainless steel market. Spring Festival home visit family, inadvertently, found our stainless steel market broad prospects, that is, the countryside.

The real estate market is still a powerful market for stainless steel enterprises, and the key is the change in the region, from the city to the countryside.

Rural urbanization, new rural areas and new rural features all describe the changes and development of rural areas all the time. Now the rural areas are basically 2 small houses, both in the area between 260 to 300 square meters, if compared with the city, this is the mansion. And with the improvement of the living standards of rural areas, the demand for the living of farmers is also increasing. Stainless steel anti-theft windows, stainless steel doors, stainless steel guardrails and so on, each family family needs are much larger than the urban households, and at least 2 times the demand.

If we set up a stainless steel pipe plant in the countryside, or in some remote areas with large demand, how much do you say? It's not the shrinkage of the stainless steel market, and the direction has changed, you haven't found it. In the future, we intend to set up welding pipe machinery and welding tube mould factory in the countryside, do you?

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