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now_place:News > Industry information > What is the material of the welded pipe mould?
What is the material of the welded pipe mould?
release time:2018-02-05

Do you know what are the materials for the welded pipe mould? As a senior welding pipe engineer, this problem is very simple, but for a person who has just worked in this industry, it still needs to learn. Now I will give you a brief introduction, hoping to help you.

The welding pipe mould is a specialized hardware mould accessory for the manufacture of metal welding pipe, and its value can be equal to that of the pipe making unit, so it can be seen that it is important.

The welded pipe mould can be divided into metal material and plastic material according to the material. Metal materials include: Cr12Mov, SKD11, D2, MoV, Cr12 and so on. The plastic material is relatively simple.

If it is divided according to the shape of the blank, it can be divided into metal rod and forging material.

No matter which mold material we use, we have a basic understanding of various factors such as mold performance, material and other factors, so that we can make the right choice in the future work, and at the same time, promise the quality also can reduce the cost of the enterprise.

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