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now_place:News > Industry information > Pakistan plans to use RMB to buy China's stainless steel welded pipe machinery and welded pipe molds
Pakistan plans to use RMB to buy China's stainless steel welded pipe machinery and welded pipe molds
release time:2018-01-11

The latest news shows that China's best brother - Pakistan is going to abandon the dollar and switch to the RMB. This news is very important. Although the government of Pakistan is considering the stage, it is believed that the RMB will become the third global reserve currency after the US dollar and the euro.

With the increasing volume of trade between China and Pakistan, the cooperation between our stainless steel welded pipe machinery and equipment and welded pipe mould manufacturers is more and more frequent than that of Pakistan's domestic enterprises. Let's imagine that after Pakistan's conversion to RMB, our cooperation will be more convenient. The corresponding price of space for our products to our Pakistani friends is also larger. Why do you say so? Pakistan customers use by RMB transactions, We can waive part of the cost of the previous dollar exchange, but also reduce the cost of the corresponding bank, if I were you, Would not it be better if I would rather use this fee as none other than giving it to Pakistani friends?

As a stainless steel welded pipe equipment company in China, when cooperate with Pakistan enterprises, can receive RMB directly. Do you feel very heartbeat when you think about it? Do you have this feeling?

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