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now_place:News > company news > Is the appearance of stainless steel pipe machinery really important?
Is the appearance of stainless steel pipe machinery really important?
release time:2018-01-11

Our company is a professional R & D and manufacturing company specializing in metal welded pipe mechanical equipment and welded pipe mould. It has 20 years of technology experience, but we really don't pay much attention to the appearance of products, and more attention is focused on the practicality and stability of products.

Equipment appearance for some lay people, this is a manifestation of quality. In fact, only we can say: the quality of appearance is only a side reflection of product quality, which can not directly reflect the quality of products. In our industry, there are many factories of stainless steel pipe making mechanical equipment appearance, is really nice, but the customer response, the situation  is different, and the expected gap is large, and even appeared in advance, because the product quality problems, and a tail section, in some case, buy back after not too long, will the same with the second-hand pipe equipment to sold.

All of the above mentioned a problem, the appearance is not so important, the more important thing is the quality of the product.

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