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now_place:News > Industry information > Impact of India 's Boycott of Chinese Products on China' s Welded Pipe Machinery Manufacturers
Impact of India 's Boycott of Chinese Products on China' s Welded Pipe Machinery Manufacturers
release time:2018-01-08

The first two days to see a report: about 100 thousand people in India procession protested and resisted Chinese products. Because the India market is also one of the main markets of our company, I am particularly concerned about the development of the situation. Later, a friend of our India client came to our company, and I thought he knew the specific situation.

For India, the development speed of China too quickly, and now a lot of factories in India is to purchase Chinese equipment and products, manufacturing industry of India has made a certain amount of negative impact, but this impact, at present, is not great, because most people come for there is no use of products or equipment, who It's just a matter of being instigated.

This had to remind us, we are doing welding pipe machinery and equipment, but also sale to customer of welded pipe mold and other supporting products. At a certain level, we support the economic development of India, but also to carry out some competition in the manufacturing field, this is no doubt, after the change with the development of the market and the government policy, these factors will change, or design, this is not to say at recently, but must be effective in order to correctly grasp the attention.

The parade of China's products is currently in India. If there will be any other areas in the future, let's watch it. No matter whether we parade or not, as long as we do well in product quality, It should not be a problem.

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