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now_place:News > company news > China and Japan will have a broad prospects future in the welding pipe machinery and equipment industry
China and Japan will have a broad prospects future in the welding pipe machinery and equipment industry
release time:2018-01-08

Today, pay attention to the news on WeChat: Hitachi got a power plant project in Libya, approved by the customer of Hitachi's technology and products, but considering the cost factor, they want that Chinese manufacturing proportion to reach more than half on order. the Hitachi to get this project in the final, combined with Chinese Dongfang Electric Group together provide the related products for customers.

See here, let me think of our own business products, with our products to overseas markets, many overseas customers in some parts, we require replacement, such as our stainless steel pipe machinery and equipment, we need to put the original PLC into the Japanese MITSUBISHI or  KEYENCE, the motor needs to be replaced for SIEMENS, welded pipe mold need to use SKD11 or D2 materials and so on, these It is often seen. Here are two questions. First of all, China's manufacturing process has been widely recognized in the world, which is an affirmation of the development of China's manufacturing industry. Secondly, the key areas of China's manufacturing industry need to be strengthened, and the core areas of some technologies are not yet perfect and need to be strengthened.

Combined with our own products,also have appear such problem. but in daily communication, setting some Japanese friends, I believe that in the near future, we can carry out extensive cooperation in the field of the welding pipe machinery and equipment mould that manufacturing more high-end quality.

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