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now_place:News > Industry information > Whether the working life of a welded pipe machine operator can be an experience standard
Whether the working life of a welded pipe machine operator can be an experience standard
release time:2018-01-06

Can the working life of a welded pipe machine be an experience standard? There are two answers to this question, one is to be able to be a standard, and the two is not to be a standard. What do you think of it? Now let me talk about my opinion.

I was in 2011 when he said: written by our previous work on your resume work experience are wrong, why, because they are completing the work experience, # years - # years, in which the company, engaged in what position, what kind of work do. These, in my opinion, can only be a work experience, only to let me know what you have done before you come here for an interview, just that. Work experience should not be the work experience at that time, but what should be learned in work experience, what opinions or suggestions, what problems and how to solve them are all those, because these are much more valuable than experience.

I've been to many management companies, and their boss said, "I hired a operator some time ago. I talked about it for a few years. Later, after a period of time, he found he didn't have this skill. Yes, a lot of times is true. It's not the same thing to do and do well. What we need is what we can do well, rather than just being a worker. I have another tube business friends, he is the boss, each interview new pipe machine mechanical engineer, he only let the interviewer adjust a cut straight head (Turkey head), leaving the adjustment well, and adjust the direct asymmetric, let it go, do not leave. That's the experience.

Working life is just a side of your work reflects the ability, focus on what you have learned, what master, if you learned a lot in the work period, to master a lot, people will think you have lots of experience, if you just muddle in the work period, what also did not learn, do not have the skills to that is, only you have experienced what it is, not what other.

Therefore, the working life of the welded pipe machine operators can not be the standard of gas experience, the emphasis is to see the skills, not the time.

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