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now_place:News > Industry information > People speak highly of SW stainless steel molds
People speak highly of SW stainless steel molds
release time:2018-09-30

I have visited a lot of stainless steel pipe enterprises, they make different specifications of pipe and choose different suppliers for pipe making machine and pipe mold. There are not so many enterprises only have one supplier,but it dose have one enterprise like this.

There is a high end stainless steel industrial pipe plant in Zhaoqing, whose welded pipe molds are made in SW, no matter it is a big diameter pipe mold or a small one, moreover, in Foshan market, it is common for most factories to use pipe molds that have stamped SW on it. After the conversation with the workers in the factory, they all speak highly of SW molds:delivery in time, satisfying sales services, and so on. So which factory makes SW molds? Finally it turned out that it is made by Foshan SENWEL Pipe Mold Machinery Co.,Ltd., whose main business are straight seam pipe making machinery and stainless steel pipe molds and earns a good reputation in the same industry.

The stainless steel pipe machine and pipe molds produced by SENWEL have the characteristics of high precision, high output rate and stable performance. Also, this company have fully independent research and development design team and processing center, which guarantees the quality of their product. SW is so good that it is worthy to be recommended.

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