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now_place:News > Industry information > Encountering SENWEL Stainless Steel Welded pipe molds machinery factory
Encountering SENWEL Stainless Steel Welded pipe molds machinery factory
release time:2018-09-30

Foshan SENWEL Pipe Mold Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in Nanhai District, Foshan city,Guangdong Province, who is specialized in producing and processingstainless steel welded pipe machinery and pipe molds, and earns a good reputation in the same industry.

Walking into the gate of the factory, a rockery was in sight. Water goes through the pool and the piled up rockery implies that SENWEL is developing energetically.

The office is neatly divided into different working areas for different departments, staffs in it are in high mood. The second when you go inside the office, you were attracted by the working enthusiasm. The slogan “the gate of suggestion is always open for you no matter what your position is” is sticking on the wall in the conference room, which implies an equal class for all. Everyone has the right and space to talk and communicate the idea with each other. It creates a good opportunity for the company to earn a lot of good ideas, an effective team and to enlarge the staffs’ thinking.

Look at the workshop of SENWEL, precise lathes array in it, workers are busy processing the products. There are explicit marks on each way out in this 5S standardized workshop.

Until here, no one can stop praising that with so good an enterprise culture and superior management system, SENWEL must have made the bestpipe making machine and pipe molds.

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