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now_place:News > company news > Quality of SKD11 stainless steel welded pipe mould in China market
Quality of SKD11 stainless steel welded pipe mould in China market
release time:2018-04-25

There are many foreign customers and friends to come to our factory to ask, what is your pipe mould material, there is no such thing as a SKD11/D2 problem, our answer is: Yes, but later they don't accept our price, the emergence of such a passive situation, why is this so, and the quality of this SKD11, I to analyze.

We all know that SKD11 is a Japanese steel mold, one of the standard mold material is recognized as the same, all countries in the world in the region except Japan official SKD11 manufacturers and agents, iron and steel manufacturing enterprises own in imitation of Japanese SKD11 components ratio for production, such as our country, it Taiwan is also called Cr12MoV1 SKD11, is mainly due to historical reasons, Taiwan to the left of the manufacturing process of japan.

In our country's steel market, the emergence of this situation, the SKD11 material price is 22 yuan / kg, Taiwan SKD11 is 28 yuan / kg, so what the price is not really SKD11, I can clear answer: This is not a Japanese SKD11, Japan native SKD11 price equivalent the RMB is about 25 yuan / kg, plus tariffs and freight, you consider a down to how much does it cost to China.

Now you can see why the price of SKD11 welded pipe mold in our factory is so high. The quality itself is quite different. How can the price be similar?

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