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Tube Mill

In general: fully automatic, one labor can take care six machines, line
speed can be 40% increased.

1. TPT Welder: improve both line speed and welding quality.
2. Automatic & Hydraulic Grinding Section: control grinding accurately.
3. Hydraulic Metal Cutting Machine: clean out with burr in the butts.
4. Quik Change-over: 40 minutes, saving 2 hours.

Pipe Polishing Machine

In general: Intelligent design,enhance the efficiency:The speed of
Round Pipe Polishing Machine is 45m/min,The speed of Square
Pipe Polishing Machine is 70m/min

1. Auto Pipe Feeder: one labor can take care two machines.
2. Dust collection system: to protect workshop enviroment and worker's health. 3. Auto run-out table: prevent bruising.

Tube mold

Mainly used for the production of different specifications of the tube,
square tube, shaped tube, and so on

1. We all use high-quality mold steel cr12mov steel as raw materials processing, to produce first-class stainless steel mold, high precision, toughness, long life.
2. Using the most reasonable molding design principle, the use of CNC system processing, wear, high precision, pipe forming smooth, good stability, high efficiency tube, steel pipe does not produce strain, nail pattern phenomenon.

Equipment Accessories

Used in stainless steel tube embossing, cutting, leveling, to keep
bright and so on

1. Improve the weld structure and eliminate the stress to enhance the corrosion resistance; the stainless steel welded pipe heated to the solution temperature after the cooling using indirect cooling to keep the pipe bright.
2. Sawing stability, high precision, elimination of backlash rebound high efficiency slowdown mechanism, heavy cutting saw blade longer life.
3. Stainless steel pipe for a variety of texture shape processing, enhance the practicality of stainless steel tube.
4. Using PLC and hydraulic automatic control system, more stable performance; easy installation, high yield, high precision.

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